November 24 – ROYAL HUNT Launched New Video, New Album To Be Released December 2020

ROYAL HUNT will release their new studio album – “Dystopia” – on December 16th via King Records (Japan/SE Asia) and on December 18th via NorthPoint Productions (Europe/N & S America). A concept album offering a considerable expansion of the band´s trademark sound and featuring performances by guest vocalists: Mats Leven (Candlemass, TSO, Skyblood), Mark Boals (Y.J. Malmsteen, Ring of Fire), Henrik Brockmann (Royal Hunt, Evil Masquerade, N´Tribe), Kenny Lubcke (Narita, Zoser Mez) and Alexandra Andersen (Royal Hunt, JSP).

“Dystopia” will be released in following formats: regular CD (jewel case), various Deluxe editions / bundles and a gatefold, heavy vinyl LP.

ROYAL HUNT keep intriguing fans with their adventurous endeavors and the band´s 15th studio album is no exception: a monumental concept opus featuring symphonic, progressive yet hard hitting compositions full of impeccable performances, wrapped tightly into immediately accessible format and a lush, contemporary production.

The addition of some extraordinary guest singers and their outstanding performances combined with vastly extended orchestrations creates a truly conceptual, cinematic feel throughout each and every track.

Track list: 01 – INCEPTION ℉451  02 – BURN  03 – THE ART OF DYING  04 – I USED TO WALK ALONE  05 – THE EYE OF OBLIVION  06 – HOUND OF THE DAMNED  07 – THE MISSING PAGE (Intermission I)  08 – BLACK BUTTERFLIES  09 – SNAKE EYES  10 – MIDWAY (Intermission II)

Bio: Royal Hunt is a power / progressive metal band from Denmark. The name Royal Hunt appeared for the first time in 1989; a brainchild of André Andersen (main songwriter in the band) this outfit was created in order to combine basic values of Classic Rock with progressive, current musical elements. Today, after selling around 1.8 million albums and touring the world numerous times, the band is still going strong.

Band: *André Andersen – keyboards   *DC Cooper – vocals   *Andreas Passmark – bass   *Jonas Larsen – guitars   *Andreas HABO Johansson – drums

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