November 28 – Review by Stefan – XENO – SOJOURN (Art Gates Records / Hard Life Promotion)

Founded in 2008 as Semiazas and nowadays consisting of six members, Xeno from Middelburg, the Netherlands released their debut album “Atlas Construct” in 2016. This highly praised effort attracted especially those into Progressive Metal akin to the sound of Tesseract, Opeth, Messhugah and Porcupine Tree.

Xeno is also said to be a very dynamic band when they play in front of a live audience, they have already shared the stage with bands like VoiVod, Carach Angren, Spoil Engine. After that many line-up changes occurred but Xeno stayed on track, the right musicians were finally found with whom the last two years have been working hard to find a worthy successor.

The newcomers have made Xeno what they are today, while remaining true to their style of yesteryear. Their brand new effort “Sojourn” saw daylight on October 30th. 2020 and I can tell you right away that it really was a very special experience for me when I first heard the album. It’s not my favorite style, yet I have to admit that Xeno has enough class to surprise me.

What this sextet does is unique, it sounds incredibly complicated due to the fact that different genres are mixed up without there being a detriment at the end result. First of all I hear two singers with a very different voice skill. On the one hand you have the normal, clear vocal lines, and on the other hand we get heavy artillery from a vocalist who delivers death grunts and deep growls to the extreme. READ MORE…