October 02 – METAL ON METAL RECORDS – 5 New Bands Joining The Roster

IGNITOR joins Metal on Metal Records, releases new video clip.

The titans of the Texas metal scene, IGNITOR are one of the recent signings of Metal on Metal Records. The band’s seventh album “The Golden Age of Black Magick” is slated for the release on October 31st.
The band’s guitarist and founding member Stuart “Batlord” Laurence created a video clip for the album’s title track which you can watch on the label’s YouTube channel.

Commented Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi of Metal on Metal Records: “We are proud to announce the co-operation with the Texas metal masters, IGNITOR, featuring veterans of the scene known from bands like AGONY COLUMN, WATCHTOWER, DANGEROUS TOYS, HOWLING SYCAMORE and many others. Their name should be already familiar to most heavy and US power metal fans as the band was formed back in 2003 and have released six albums so far through European and US labels. Earlier this year, they finished the work their seventh full-length “The Golden Age of Black Magick”, which is the living proof they still have it in them like almost 2 decades ago. Fronted by Jason McMaster whose distinct and aggressive vocals perfectly complement the music, the band offers high-energy, intensely passionate metal anthems harkening back to the glory days of unrelenting fist-pumping heavy metal that will certainly please fans of ATTACKER, DIO, RIOT, SKULLVIEW, ASKA, CAGE, RAINBOW, IRON MAIDEN, JAG PANZER and the like.”


CHAINBREÄKER signs with Metal on Metal Records.

CHAINBREÄKER, an old school thrash/speed metal band from Austria are one of the recent signings of Metal on Metal Records who will release their sophomore album “Relentless Night” on October 31st. The band’s debut album “Wasteland City” can be checked on their Bandcamp page. 

Commented the label: “We’re chuffed about the signing of CHAINBREÄKER from Austria. These young metal maniacs contacted us earlier this year, sending a couple of songs from their yet unreleased second album. Impressed with what we heard, we asked for more right away. The headbanging and air-drumming impulse was irresistible, and they also were very active on the live front until the pandemic struck, so the offer was sent and the deal signed soon after. “Relentless Night” definitely surpasses their already good debut and brings venomous speed/thrash tinged with some heavy and old school black metal that we are sure will appeal to fans of the old masters like early EXODUS, RAZOR, EXCITER, SLAYER, SODOM, KREATOR, DESTRUCTION and of the new guard represented by VULTURE (Ger.), RANGER, STÄLKER, ANTICHRIST (Swe.) or EVIL INVADERS.”


HELLSPIKE joins Metal on Metal Records roster.

Metal on Metal Records announced the signing of HELLSPIKE, a new speed/thrash metal band from Portugal, for the release of their debut album “Lords of War” on October 31st. The band has posted a trailer clip on YouTube featuring fragments of a few songs for those who want to get an idea what to expect.

Commented the label:  HELLSPIKE is a new speed/thrash band started by two friends and veterans of the Portuguese metal scene, and it is also one of our new signings. The vocalist may sound familiar if you’re a fan of PERPETRATÖR or RAVENSIRE as it is Rick (also known from IRONSWORD and FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM, where he only played bass) who sings here. The guitar duties are handled by the exceptionally talented Zellpike aka Zé RockHard, who was Rick’s band mate in RAVENSIRE and who also plays in INQUISITOR. Their friendship goes way back just like the idea to form a band that would pay tribute to the Teutonic heavy/speed and thrash legends from the first half of the ’80s like NECRONOMICON, DESTRUCTION, IRON ANGEL, LIVING DEATH, VIOLENT FORCE, RUNNING WILD, GRAVE DIGGER or WARRANT. It took until 2019 for this idea to be realized though and until this year for the songs to be recorded, and we are happy to be making them available for you soon.”


LEGIONEM signs with Metal on Metal Records.

The Italian doomsters LEGIONEM, a band mixing traditional doom metal with Italian dark sound influence, have signed with Metal on Metal Records for the release of their  second full-length “Sator Omnia Noctem” on October 31st.
You can listen to one song from the album, “Christe Eleison” on YouTube.

Commented the label: “Sometimes we come across a song that just blows us away. It’s very rare, but such was the case with this Italian band, so we contacted them right away. Hearing the entire album confirmed our hunch: it is immense! We’re stoked to welcome to our MOMR family LEGIONEM whose music is baptized in the unholy waters of classic doom metal and Italian dark sound from the ’70s and ’80s, resulting in both traditional and very personal style. It’s riff-heavy, with macabre and occult atmosphere, evil sounding vocals displaying a good range and variety, inspired songwriting and a truly massive sound. If you’re a fan of BLACK SABBATH, L’IMPERO DELLE OMBRE, PAUL CHAIN, THE BLACK, EPITAPH, ABYSMAL GRIEF, early DEATH SS, WITCHFIELD, WALL OF SLEEP, WITCHFINDER GENERAL or BLACK OATH, you will love LEGIONEM!”


VOMIT DIVISION joins Metal on Metal Records roster.

An old school black/thrash act VOMIT DIVISION from Germany is one of the recent signings of Metal on Metal Records. The label will release the project’s debut album “Hell in a Bottle” on October 31st.
For now, you can listen to the EP “Rites of Vomit” (2019) from the band’s Bandcamp page.

Commented the label:  It took a while, but we’re happy to finally announce the signing of VOMIT DIVISION, a new black/thrash metal project from Germany. Despite it being a one-man band of Desmotes who sings and plays all instruments in the studio, there was already a live line-up and a couple of shows scheduled, which unfortunately got cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. When we were contacted by this German maniac and heard his first EP from last year, we had no doubts we wanted to release his full-length album, even prior to hearing a single new song. And we were not disappointed when we got it. “Hell in a Bottle” is loaded with ripping riffs, demented aggression, hurtful honesty and a stolid “fuck off” attitude, but don’t expect another run-of-the-mill black/thrash album – you’re in for a few surprises there! The closest comparisons we can think of would be MIDNIGHT, DESASTER, BATHORY, DARKTHRONE, NIFELHEIM, DESTRÖYER 666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, AURA NOIR, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and HELLRIPPER.”

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