October 29 – Review by Stefan – BYFIST – IN THE END (Pure Steel Records / Soulfood)

Been active since the mid-80s, San Antonio, Texas based Byfist will be an unknown name for many of us, I’m afraid. I got to know the band when they released the “Adrenalin” EP in 1999, it contained four songs that first saw the light of day as a demo in 1989. Rock It Up Records released “Preserving The Past: The Collection”, loaded with outstanding US Metal compositions. As far as I’m concerned, a very underrated album, unfortunately. But that happens more with first class US Metal bands that don’t get the appreciation they really deserve, sure thing it’s a goddamn shame !

I can enjoy this genre indefinitely, that’s why the new album of Byfist entitled “In The End” is very close to my heart. Since 2013, they have a new vocalist in the ranks and he’s doing an excellent job. Versatile to the bone, watch out for the man’s high pitched way of singing. During the entire playing time there is a good balance between the older work and the contemporary. It gives me great pleasure that everything I desire from US Metal is present on this CD, literally nothing is missing and my happiness can’t be broken anymore. READ MORE….