September 01 – Review By Stefan – CHASTAIN – FOR THOSE WHO DARE (Divebomb Records)

My passion for US Metal still runs high, this kind of music came into my life in the early 80’s, through the years the connection with this awesome gem has only grown. My daily dose of US Metal has become indispensable and shouldn’t miss it for the world’s money. So my slogan is still, US Metal until the day they bury me ! My list of favorite US Metal bands has taken on a large proportion over the years, way too many to mention them all but true fact is that Chastain belongs to the top of that list ! Gaining a reputation of one of the greatest guitar players ever, David T. Chastain started his own band back in 1984.

As if it was yesterday I remember very well their debut record “Mystery Of Illusion” (Shrapnel Records ’85). The almighty Leather Leone on vocals, Mike Skimmerhorn as bassist and drummer Fred Coury delivered a great performance, it became an album that should have been mentioned in music history books to this day, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. An undeserved and undervalued thing in my opinion, especially when you know that Chastain released plenty of more world class albums after their debut.

I’m talking about the following efforts: “Ruler Of The Wasteland” (1986), “The 7th. Of never (’87), “The Voice Of The Cult” (’88) and of course “For Those Who Dare” (’90) ! More albums like “Sick Dementia” and “In Dementia” saw daylight in ‘95/’97, behind the microphone we had Kate French (now in Vainglory), she replaced Leather Leone who left the Chastain ranks back in 1992. Kate’s a top notch singer as well, she entered the Chastain ranks after the band’s status was on hold for a couple of years. READ MORE…