September 22 – Review by Officer Nice – ANGBAND – IV (Pure Steel Records / Soulfood)

Angband isn’t a new band to me. I am following this band since their debut. Well, the special thing about these guys is that they are heading from Iran. Until now these musicians are not beheaded because of playing Metal music but I guess they’re not living in Iran anymore. No?  Without criticizing a belief or whatever I can’t imagine people can be killed because of the fact they are expressing themselves by music.

Anyhow, the first album of the band pleased me, without being a “classic one’. The two albums that came after disappointed me actually and so I lost my interest in the band. Musical wise it didn’t work for me anymore, there wasn’t much exciting to me to listen to. With “IV” I have a better feeling actually. What actually works this time is the Persian atmosphere in the album.

The mood in this record is varied and often written and performed with passion. I hear great progressive Power Metal and a song writer that re-invented himself, found himself back in all his talent. I hear great riffs, awesome arrangements, intense leads and a band that really wants to send a message to the world. Musical wise this is very good but the biggest difference right now is that Tim Aymar (Pharaoh, Control Denied) is member of the band now. READ MORE…