September 29 – Interview with NICO DE VREESE – Founder of Hell Spawn Magazine/Webzine & Co-Writer Of Rock Tribune

I would like to introduce you to a Belgian based, natural born metalhead and journalist. Someone who deserves a statue for his years of support for the Hard Rock and Metal movement, his name Nico De Vreese aka Mr. Hell.

His showpiece is without any doubt the magazine Hell Spawn which he first founded as a printed item, now only exists as a great webzine. Recently he released his own compilation and would like Nico to talk about this product and his life as a metal fanatic throughout so many years !

Stefan: Hails Nico, first of all congratz with the review of Hell Spawn Compilation, a product you can be proud of ! Before we have a conversation about this, I’d like to know how you developed yourself as a Rock and Metal freak. What has driven you to immerse yourself in this world?

Nico: Damn starting it off with a though one, I though you were going to take it easy on me ?. One thing I learned like and listen to whatever you like no matter what anyone else says! Even if you drift of the metal path and like a pop tune or whatever, it’s your life, you don’t have to answer to anybody for what you listen to! I kinda like the underdog so it seems, I also like some bigger bands don’t get me wrong, but even concert wise, I enjoy gigs in a small club way more than those in big stadiums…

Music is my life’s fuel, it cheers me up when I am down, and at times it gives me energy etc… About development, in the beginning I checked out interview with bands,  who and what they liked and checked those bands out, or if I saw some cool artwork, I decided to give that bands a listen and later on with friends and recommendations etc… Nowadays that’s so much easier thx to the internet, one thing leads to another ? You need the will of course, and it takes some time, but when you discover an awesome band I find it very rewarding! I am kinda on a never-ending quest to seek and find new bands/ music….

Stefan: What genre or bands were your idols back then – what appealed to you so much in the genre?

Nico: Well I always liked music, even as a little kid! My grandma used to tell me she often found me asleep near the radio haha. Growing up I realized  the music I listened only got harder and more rock! Queen, Duran Duran, later on Europe until I discovered Def Leppard’s Hysteria! I was sold I quickly tried to gather so much music from them and from there on my metal quest began ? Seeing I had no metal friends at the time I had to discover lots on my own! READ MORE…